If you’re currently spending a lot of time outside or if that’s part of the plan for the upcoming months, here’s how to make your outdoor decor absolutely perfect to host, relax and soak up the sun all summer long. Make the most out of your outdoor space with these Linen Chest's 5 tips and trends.

1. Find the Perfect Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

Your outdoor space follows totally different rules than your indoor space. You’re outdoors, so the bigger, the better!

Adding bold colours, large floral prints and big patterns are a few ways you can make your outdoor decor as fun and welcoming as possible. If you don’t have the current budget to add loud mixtures of colour everywhere, focus on a few elements instead. Consider using a vibrant tablecloth or floral placemats and tie in the boldness with some bright outdoor pillows.

The Arico bean bag chairs not only make a statement in the backyard or on the patio, but they’re also incredibly comfortable, fun and versatile. You can use them inside or outside to sit, lounge, and lay in pretty much any position you like. They are available in a range of beautiful neutral or bold colours to fit your outdoor decor perfectly.

Discover more of our Summer Outdoor Collections to fully enjoy outdoor living this season.

2. Make It Comfortable, Functional and Durable

Don’t treat your patio as a temporary space. Treat it like it’s an extension of your house. Choose fabrics that are waterproof and make sure everyone is comfortable all season long with extra blankets and pillows.

If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor dining and hosting, we recommend opting for dinnerware and glassware made for outdoor use. Look out for items that are made out of bamboo, wood, acrylic or melamine; these will be more break-resistant so you can use them on the patio table or by the pool without fear of shattering them.

Don’t stress out about making everything picture-perfect. Spending time outside is supposed to be relaxing and your space should reflect that. Choose items and decor that resonate with you and make your life just that much easier.

3. Gather Delicious and Easy Summer Recipes 

With summer comes a wide variety of wonderfully fresh foods and delicious grilled recipes. It’s the season for tasty al fresco meals to enjoy between friends or family. Get inspired with Ricardo’s delicious summer recipes. Check out some of our summer cooking favourites to make your gatherings as delightful as possible!

4. Make It the Coziest Outdoor Place in Town

If you want to extend those blissful sunny days into cozy summer nights under the stars, an elegant fire pit might be just what your outdoor space needs. Place your outdoor furniture around it, bring out the marshmallows, and enjoy!

5. Don’t Forget Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting will help keep the conversations going long after it gets dark. Add a set of hanging lights or place lanterns everywhere – or both! They’ll create a magical and romantic feel to your entire setup.