Cool down this summer with these untraditional cocktails and mocktails. You don’t need to stick to the classics - these recipes are ideal for staying refreshed while testing out and improving your bar skills!

Enjoy a few of our favourite summer cocktails!

1. Sparkling Gin and Grapefruit Cocktail
This drink combination will make your mouth water. It’s fresh, fruity and not too sweet. The perfect blend of tangy grapefruit and lemon with aromatic gin and thyme. Get the recipe.

2. Orange and Mint Mojito
We’re not sure what says “summer” more than a mojito! Try out this twist on a classing mint mojito by squeezing some fresh oranges into the mix. Get the recipe.

3. Pink Strawberry and Rhubarb Sangria
Turn your backyard deck into the trendiest patio in town with this rosé-based sangria. If you’re not sure where to find rhubarb, just ask around! Many people grow it in their backyards and are usually willing to share. Get the recipe.

4. Rum Slush
This drink will help you beat the heat and deal with all that humidity coming our way. This super sweet drink is better off eaten with a spoon! Get the recipe.

5. Raspberry, Honeydew Melon and Lime Mocktail
Skip the breakfast accoutrements and dive right into this drink with the best use of honeydew melon. This refreshing mocktail is quick to whip up and will certainly quench your thirst. Get the recipe.

6. Ginger, Lime and Mango Puree Mocktail
If you’re looking for a drink with a zing, this is it! This blended mocktail contains the surprising ingredient of jalapeños! Get the recipe.

Need new cocktail accessories for the summer? Check out some of our favourites: