Oftentimes modern decor is described as “cold” or “sterile,” but we believe when it’s done right, modern decor can be quite the opposite. While clean lines and sleek finishes are characteristics of modern design, it’s all about finding the right balance to make it work, without feeling sparse, stark or uninviting. Today we’ve rounded up a few items that would be perfect for decorating a modern loft, along with a few tips to get the look just right:

1) Use a combination of plush textiles and chunky knits to offset sleek finishes. Mix and match fabrics and textures within a similar colour palette to add interest.

2) A large area rug is a must, especially if the space you’re decorating has industrial concrete floors. Not only will it ground the space, but it will also add a cozy vibe, which will help from keeping things look too minimal.

3) Add modern touches such as a decorative lamp, sculptural objects or interesting art.

4) Use a pop of of colour such as orange to balance neutral hues and add a playful touch.

5) Mix different finishes and textures such as leather, wood, concrete, copper and more.
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