This year, the home decor trends focus more on individuality and unique flair. There’s less of a need for perfection and more of a desire for “anything goes.”

If you’re looking to update your home with the latest home decor trends of 2020, we’ve got a few ways you can start.

Colours of the Season:
The Pantone colour of the year is a nice, calming classic blue. You might see this pop up in quite a few accent pieces but there is still a large emphasis on mustard yellow, forest green, and pale pink. Bold colours are definitely in trend for this season, and you will most likely see these colours incorporated into patterns or utilized with unique fabrics like velvet and linens.

Colour blocking is huge this year. This style of decor can be found on smaller items like throw pillows or on massive pieces like an entire mantelpiece. Expect large blocks of colour to help accent a room without overwhelming it.

Mid-Century Modern:
You’ve probably already noticed the return of the mid-century modern style furniture. Colour blocking is a perfect pairing for this style of furniture and decor accents, as the sleek lines and rounded edges make for an appropriate canvas for bold colours.

Mixing Old with New:
Not only has the mid-century style made a comeback, but many people are also making sure they have a mix of old and new furniture and decor in their homes. The days of having entirely new furniture are over (for now). There is an emphasis on mixing in antiques & thrifted items.

Patterns and Textures:
This mixture of old and new bodes well with the trend of excessive patterns and textures. Gone are the days of pure white rooms and perfectionism. This spring, the more patterns and textures, the better! Adding to the eclectic nature of your home design, this style adds to the warmness and coziness you’ll feel every time you walk in the door.

Natural Materials:
A major trend for spring 2020 is to bring nature into the house with a large focus on wood and leather. These design elements add to the high-contrast decor while not making it too in-your-face. Expect more natural wood cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, and wall art. Leather accents will be more refined than the old-style leather couches. We’ll see it more on sleek-looking accent chairs in warm hues.

Sustainable Materials:
With climate change on everyone’s mind, we are collectively moving towards more sustainable materials for our homes. Thrifted and upcycled items are popular, as well as new items that have been sustainably sourced. These items tend to be more expensive, but worth it for the longevity of the product and the minimal impact on the earth. A trend for 2020 is to focus less on disposable, mass-produced products and aim for sturdier, better-made ones.

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