Tips for a Mani/PediThere’s no better way to pamper yourself than with an at home pedicure! A pedicure is perfect for when you want to wear those cute new sandals, or if you just need some R&R. Follow these 4 steps to treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of your home.

1) Prepare your space by grabbing a towel and lighting some incense so you can begin to unwind.

2) Soak your feet then scrub away the dead skin with soap and a pumice stone to make them smooth.

3) Clip nails to your desired length then file uneven edges. Push back your cuticles while they are still soft.

4) Massage lotion into your feet then apply two coats of your favourite nail polish. (Use toe separators so nails don’t smudge on each other.)

Once your nails dry, go ahead and flaunt your pretty pedi!
Tips for a Mani/Pedi at Home

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