It’s time to kick off Summer in your stylish outdoor space. Want to hop on the trends and update your look? Modern boho is all the rage this Summer and you can get the look with these styling tips and a complete mood board to help you get started with your new trendy space.

It’s All About Neutrals - The modern boho look plays off of a lot of neutrals, which is what makes it mesh well with any home decor style. Mix and match colours like tan, brown, white, black, and even grey to get the look you’re striving for.

Play With Texture - Your colours might be neutral but that doesn’t mean your look will be boring. Play with natural textures to get a look and feel you like. Woven fibres, jute, bamboo, and linen are all great aspects to pull into your modern boho space.

Plants Are a Must - No modern boho space would be complete without plants, lots and lots of plants. If you want a more southwest modern boho vibe, opt for this like Cactus and Yucca. If you want a more lush vibe to go for big leafy ferns, banana leaves, and Monstera plants. 

Give it a Glow - Brighten up your space and give that modern boho glow to your patio with string lights, lanterns, and candles. They will look great and give you a nice ambiance in the evening. 

Make it Cozy - You’re going to want to spend a lot of time hanging out in your new modern boho outdoor space, so make it cozy with throw pillows and plush blankets for lounging.

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