If you are considering some new decor for your bed, this could be the perfect time to try linen. While bed linen is a catch-all term we use to describe what we put on our bed, the material ‘linen’ is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Pure linen is something we have fallen in love with, and our bed collection reflects this passion. Here are some of the reasons to indulge your bedroom, and your body, by sleeping on and under the most beautiful pure linen.

  1. Simply Soft
    Wherever you lay your head at the end of a long and busy day, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Linen is so amazingly soft it is like clambering into a big old hug, you will enjoy it so much you won’t want to get up in the morning. A good linen ages well and actually gets softer each and every time you wash it.
  2. Kind to the Planet
    In this day and age, we all know the importance of being kind to the planet, and we recycle, use less plastic, and many other things. Fabrics are often overlooked, and people don’t realize that they can also have a ‘greener’ home by choosing materials like linen. Our pure linen is made from the crop flax, and this is actually more environmentally friendly to grow than cotton, as it takes less watering and no so many of the nasty chemicals. So, while your bedroom can be gorgeously dressed in our natural or white linen collection, it is also very much more green than other choices.
  3. Allergen Free
    Linen is naturally hypo-allergenic, the composition of the material makes it easy to ventilate, while it also filters any nasties in the air. Pure linen wicks moisture keeping your body warm in winter and cool in summer, the perfect choice of bedroom fabric and with duvet covers, shams and cushions in our collection you can create the ideal and opulent bedroom, meaning you can relax and rest in comfort every single night.
  4. Long Lasting
    One of the other remarkable things about pure linen is the durability if offers. It is an amazingly long-lasting material, and as we have already mentioned, it improves over time like a fine wine. In Europe where the finest linen first originated, the sheets were gifted through the generations and became heirlooms simply because of how long they lasted and how wonderful they are to have on the bed. Perhaps you could start a new family heirloom of your own when you switch to pure linen bedding.
  5. Gorgeous Texture
    If you have had a linen dress or suit, you will know the frustration of trying to get the creases and wrinkles out. However, this is the gorgeous and natural nature of the fabric, and it is there to be embraced rather than ironed out. There is no need to stress about the delightful rumpled look for this is precisely how it should be!