Silk is one of the most luxurious bedding materials, it feels gorgeous against the skin, but did you know it comes with some pretty impressive benefits? Check these out and if you are impressed as we are you can always bag yourself one of our Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases!

1) Good for Your Hair
Prevent split ends and calm that bed head looks when you spend the night with your head on silk. The reduction of friction keeps your hair looking beautiful, and being less tangled reduces the stress from brushing the next morning.

2) Good for Your Skin
It has a pretty similar effect on your skin too! If you are hoping to age without wrinkles, then start sleeping on a silk pillow, and you should find your skin stays smoother. You may also be able to say goodbye to expensive skin care products.

3) Fantastic for Your Face
As well as smoothing away wrinkles, silk pillows are perfect for the face as they are gentle and non-abrasive, this means you can wake up looking refreshed and with a healthy glow to the skin.

4) Say Goodbye to Chemicals
Sadly, chemicals are the scourge of the modern world, and there is little we can do to escape them; however, silk is made from the fibre of the silkworm, in a process that does not need intervention. It is pure and nasty stuff free.

5) Stay Moisturized
Another thing that can happen when we rest our face on a material surface is we lose moisture. Again, silk is brilliant for making sure that this does not happen, as the contact with the skin keeps it naturally more hydrated.

6) No Fear of Allergies
Silk is hypoallergenic, this is a natural feature, and it means that nasties like fungus, mold and dust mites cannot stick to the surface. So, if you suffer from allergies consider switching to silk for a better night’s sleep.

7) Sleep in Luxury
It remains one of the most luxurious materials on the planet, so why not simply treat yourself. Make pampering part of your daily routine with a long soak in the tub and then head to bed in true opulence with a silk pillowcase to lay yourself down on.

8) Easy Care
Silk is actually easier to care for than you might think, they can be washed in the machine but tumbling needs to be avoided. However, silk dries quickly so hang it up, even inside in the winter and you will be good to go. It also dries with few creases.

9) Value for Money
Silk is a long-lasting material making this a great choice for the pocket. Especially as it is such a luxury addition to the bedroom, you will find your silk pillowcase lasts for many years and is still as pristine as the first day that you bought it. Our pillowcase is just $30 so a charming choice for your bedroom.

Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase