One of the main things people look forward to when traveling, is the diving into bed in a boutique hotel suite as they always promise a restful and luxurious night sleep. Why wait for your next trip to sleep in a stunning bedroom? Achieve the same look of a chic hotel bedroom in your own home with these helpful tips.

1) Focal Point
Position the bed to be the focal point in the room so that when you enter the room, the bed is the first thing your eye is drawn to. You can help achieve this by investing in a large sized mattress, either a queen or king, and by adding an upholstered headboard. Not only will the upholstered headboard be more comfortable to lean against when reading or lounging in bed, but a fabric headboard will help make the bed more of a statement piece in the room. Shop headboards, here.
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2) Plump Pillows and Pillow Tops
Investing in new pillows can be an affordable way to improve the quality of your sleep and add hotel room luxury to your bedroom. Before buying new pillows consider how you sleep. Stomach sleepers need soft plush pillows, side sleepers need a firm pillow for neck support, while back sleepers need a medium support pillow. Likewise if you are a side sleeper, or find your mattress to be especially hard, a pillow top bed topper can add much needed plushness to a mattress without the cost of buying an entirely new mattress. Shop pillows, here. Shop toppers, here.
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3) Luxurious Bedding
Crisp white sheets and a luxurious duvet are essentials for achieving a boutique hotel room style at home. When purchasing sheets, look for a high thread count but also consider the fabric. We highly recommend Egyptian Cotton, or  Bamboo (oh-so soft). Did you know bamboo sheets breathe three times more than cotton? Shop bamboo sheets, here. Shop our duvets, here.
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4) Add A Place To Lounge
Adding a place to sit can transform your bedroom! The addition of a bench, chair, or chaise is perfect for times you might wish to relax in the bedroom without lying in bed. Make sure to have some cozy blankets nearby so that while sitting you can remain cozy. Shop ottomans, here.
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