Have you ever opened your closet only to be attacked by hangers, clothes, and accessories that fly out? If you’ve ever been a victim of a hazardous closet, its time to think about ways to organize your fashion picks.

Check out these tips to make your closet seem less like the never-ending Narnia wardrobe and more like a fashionista’s heaven!

1. Does It Still Have A Price Tag?
If there are items that you forgot you owned, or that you can’t even recall buying, its time to get rid of them—after all, they are taking up your precious space. Try donating them or seeing if any of your girlfriends want in on the goods.

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2. Colour and Size
Once you’ve sorted through your clothes, try to organize them by colour and category using different hangers. Separate different parts of your closet by attaching a hair clip to the clothing rod when you need a break in space. And don’t forget a laundry hamper!

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3. Clever Organizers
To hang your jewelry, scarves, or even ties, try out one of these organizers in fun clothing shapes. Not only can you see all your options, but they are also all in one place!

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4. Chic Storage
Come up with a unique storage system that involves trunks and shoe racks! Perfect for purses, shoes, and other accessories that can fill up the floor of your closet.

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5. Use Hangers
Extra hooks are always helpful for closet organization even if they are just outside your closet doors. You don’t have to dig deep to find what you’re looking for and it's great when you’re in a rush.

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