We've teamed up with Montreal interior designer, Kassie Lazanis to show you how to turn your patio into the perfect outdoor living space. With summer coming to an end and fall soon approaching, invite your girls over for a 5 à 7 to enjoy the outdoor weather while impressing them with your entertaining skills. Watch the video to see the transformation and shop all the items at a Linen Chest near you:

Describe your story in one-two sentences. (How you got into the industry and why)
Kassie: I’ve always had a passion for creativity and design, but I was never really sure how to parlay that into my career, coming from a marketing background, until I was given the opportunity 4 years ago to join my mother and partner, Patricia Lazanis in growing her Renovation & Interior design Company. Home is most definitely where the heart is, and having a beautiful, well-designed and functioning home simply leads to a happier and more comfortable life. I cannot get enough of the whole experience of breading new life into a space, of translating our clients desires into a reality and of course the challenges that come along with it

What is the most memorable work experience you've ever had?
Kassie: Each and every time we complete a project, and get to see our vision come to life and the happiness that it offers our clients, really leaves an imprint on me. With every project, we create lasting relationships, we conquer endless challenges and we constantly strive to improve each design. When it’s all said and done, you can’t help but have an overwhelming appreciation for the whole experience.

What are the top 3 designer/renovation tools you can't live without?
Kassie: Blogs- Blogs give us the ability to be freshly inspired every day. A dose of them is almost better than my cup of coffee in the morning. There is no cookie cutter way to do what we do, so I love to soak up all the different techniques, styles and looks out there.

Tape Measure – Measure twice, cut once is our saying !

iPhone – ITS OUR LIFELINE! We are always online, phones stuck to our ears, texting, calling, email, face timing, googling, taking notes etc…

Do you have a nickname at your workplace?
Kassie: Most people call me by my full name, but some Kassie !

What's your favourite room to decorate?
Kassie: I would have to say the living room. You can really have fun in a living room whether it’s formal or simply a family room. There are so many elements to play with, fabrics, furniture, art, lighting that you can make it look like it came out of a magazine even if you are only adding a couple items or new details here and there.

How would you describe your decor taste?
Kassie:I would say I have a very diversified style. I think the one thing I love to do is mixing and matching, modern with traditional pieces , glam with antique pieces. Deep colors with pastel floral and so on… Every project is a new canvas to discover my decor style

Red or White Wine?
Kassie: Lately I’m loving Rose!

If you could have a superpower at work, what would it be?
Kassie: To clone ourselves. There are so many things I always want to accomplish with my day and its often so hard to even get through the first 5 things on my list!


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