September can mean only one thing – back to school shopping! Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time or you’ve got someone in your life that’s leaving the nest, we’ve got some great style guides for dressing up a drab dorm room for any type of student!

Gifts for the Straight-A Student
The Straight-A student isn’t messing around. They are smart, driven and ready to succeed. Don’t forget the coffee maker and lamps for fueling those all-night study sessions!

1. Elegant Bedding Set - Available, here.
2. Mug Warmer - Available, here.
3. Desk Lamp - Available, here.
4. Chrome Coffee Maker - Available, here.
5. Bookcase - Available, here.

Gifts for the Athlete
The Athlete is a student who likes things plain and simple. Function over form is the style motto for this student. Try some of these classics for the guy or gal that spends most of their time at the gym. No ruffles or lace allowed!

1. Tommy Hilfiger Bedding Set - Available, here.
2. Foot Massager - Available, here.
3. Classic Towels - Available, here.
4. Massager - Available, here.
5. Water Bottle - Available, here.
6. Mini Foosball Table - Available, here.

Gifts for the Princess
Change a dorm room into a castle with these luxurious pieces for the Princess. These students are used to living lavishly and a dorm room will be no exception. These pieces are perfect for the student looking for a little elegance in their life.

1. Luxurious Bedding Set - Available, here.
2. Rose-Inspired Towels - Available, here.
3. Jewelry Organizer - Available, here.
4. Bathroom Accessories - Available, here.
5. Mineral Oil Diffuser - Available, here.
6. Satin Sleeping Mask - Available, here.

Gifts for the Free Spirit
The free spirit style is all about colour! The more paisley and patchwork, the better for this bohemian! Take a look at these whimsical and eclectic pieces for the quirky, free sprit student.

1. Paisley Bedding Set - Available, here.
2. Lanterns - Available, here.
3. Teapot - Available, here.
4. Candle Holders - Available, here.
5. Cushion - Available, here.
6. Paisley Shower Curtain - Available, here.