Decorating your first home is such an exciting moment! It can also be overwhelming as you try to figure out your style and fill up the space. We have some tips to make the whole process go a bit smoother.

These tips also apply to decorating your first apartment!

1. Set a Budget
Like everything, you need to start with a budget. Figure out how much you can spend on furnishing and decorating your first home or first apartment before you start shopping. There tends to be unexpected expenses in the first few months of any home, so you’ll want to make sure you have some money saved on the side. Make a realistic budget and stick to it!

2. Don’t Buy Everything at Once
While it is tempting to furnish and decorate everything at once, you’re better off taking it slow. Living in your home is an important part of the decorating process because you have to figure out how to actually live in the space. You might realize that your bedroom is better off in another room because of the street noise, or that the couch you had your eye on is too small for the space. You want to spend some time living in the space before purchasing everything. For now, try to use what you have and slowly start furnishing. This way, your decor can grow with you. This is particularly important for an apartment where you might have to get creative with storage space.

3. Start With the “Important” Rooms
Of course, there are items that can’t wait. For you, this might mean a new mattress (and bedding) or a proper office desk. Maybe you’d prefer to have a great area for entertaining guests than have matching bedroom dressers. Start with the rooms that are important to you and your lifestyle and build from there.

4. Avoid Matching
It might be tempting to head home from a showroom with the whole set, but living in a showroom is a different reality than browsing through one. A few pieces with the same styling is totally appropriate, but matching your entire house will make it seem fairly generic. You want to make sure your own style shines through, so try to purchase complimentary pieces instead of matching ones. It’ll make the space warmer and more personable. It also means you get to spend more time shopping for the perfect pieces, which is a bonus!

5. Add Textures and Layers
Beyond the furniture, it’s the small decorations that make or break the feel of a room. Adding the right items to your space is the best way to personalize your new home. This can include rugs, curtains, paintings, decorative vases, and small accents.

Instead of matching all your furniture, you can unify the space by choosing one or two main colours. Having these colours appear throughout your decorative items will elevate the ambiance and personality of your first home.

It’s okay if your first home or first apartment isn’t perfect from the start. It’s fun to get hand-me-downs from family members or opt for DIY projects. The odds-and-ends give your house it’s unique flair. As you live in your house, you’ll figure out the best way to furnish and decorate it for your lifestyle.