Decorating with limited square-footage can be quite the challenge and no matter how experienced you are as an interior decorator, a teeny-tiny space can definitely be an intimidating project to tackle. Don’t give up just yet! Here's the good news: when space is tight, there are certain solutions that can lend a helping hand. Whether you live in a bachelor pad, condo or small home, you can make anyone (including yourself) believe that your space is larger than it really is.

Try these three simple tips below to make your small space feel grand:

1) Be Storage Savvy
It's not about how much space you have, but rather how you organize it. In saying that, choose pieces that serve double-duty and have secret storage compartments. With less clutter around your humble abode, your space will appear bigger than it truly is.


1. Alicia Storage Bench – Available, here.
2. Joshua Swivel Bookcase – Available, here.
3. White Cubby Wall Organizer – Available, here.

2. Play with Mirrors
Reflective surfaces will instantly make small spaces look longer and wider. Feel free to lean an oversized full-length mirror on one wall, or hang multiple smaller-sized mirrors on another. The possibilities are endless!


1. Silver Grey Mirror – Available, here.
2. Block Mirror – Available, here.
3. Helena Mirror – Available, here.

3. Opt for Transparent or Acrylic Pieces
One thing is clear: this type of décor gives the illusion of taking up little to no space at all! Durable and airy, these pieces are modern, chic and affordable.

1. Acrylic Wave 5 Bottle Wine Rack – Available, here.
2. Nero Glass and Metal Adjustable Table – Available, here.
3. Yves Cosmopolitan Ottoman/Coffee Table - Available, here.
4. White glossy chrome bar – Available, here.

When it comes to decorating small spaces, do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments below :)
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