Choosing one pattern to incorporate throughout your bedroom is such a fun way to decorate the space.

For this room design, we chose to focus on geometric patterns. Surprisingly, geometric shapes make for very versatile patterns because they can be found within so many different decor items.

Starting with decorating the bed, we chose our Pure Linen Bedding Collection and paired it with geometric throw pillows. Using throw pillows to add design elements works really well, and we used this to our advantage with the geometric styling.

Accent Pieces:
Adding a mirror like our Walida Square Framed Mirror can add to the geometric vibe because it has a solid geometric look without being a pattern.

For the rug, we chose the Regatta Carpet because its pattern pairs well with the rest of the design elements in the bedroom.

Don’t forget to add an accent chair to maximize seating, like our Hattie Accent Chair!

As for decor, it is generally a great idea to have them compliment the larger pieces like the bed set or the rug. In this case, we added neutral-toned and black-accented decor to elevate the space and take the geometric design element to the next level.

Adding our Audette Black Table Lamp will help to add height to your nightstand, while the Prisma Picture Frame and Scallop Pattern Storage Box will bring your eyes back down without overcrowding the room.

Feel free to complete the look with throw blankets and more decor to keep your personality flowing through the room.

Shop the Items:

  1. Walida Square Framed Mirror
  2. Audette Black Table Lamp
  3. New Zealand Sheep Skin Rug
  4. Pure Linen Bedding Collection
  5. Hattie Accent Chair
  6. Green Leaf Tropical Decoration
  7. Scallop Pattern Storage Box
  8. Prisma Picture Frame by Umbra
  9. Brigette Clock
  10. Regatta Carpet