While adults sometimes feel like they need to reign in the colours of their bedroom, kids get a free-for-all pass to be as loud and bold as they want.

Having a brightly coloured and adorable sheet set is part of the fun! Your kids are going to love what we’ve chosen for them.

Here are nine of the absolutely cutest sheet sets your kid can fall asleep in because they deserve nothing but the best!

1. Andes Bedding by Mi Zone Kids
Llamas are super trendy right now and your kid’s bedroom can fit right in with this llama sheet set that contains one comforter and two shams.

2. Choo Choo Bedding by Mi Zone Kids
Trucks, planes, cars, trains and bicycles! If your child is into automotives, they’re going to be thrilled with this brightly-coloured bedding set.

3. Wise Wendy Bedding Collection

4. Nash Bedding Collection

5. Starry Night Bedding by Mi Zone Kids
Falling asleep surrounded by stars is a magical feeling, and your kid can now experience it every night. Add in the decorative pillow to let them know they’re your brightest star!

6. Skyplay Bedding Collection

7. Cedar Bedding Collection
Is there anything cuter than a bunch of animals? This bedding collection is ideal for the littlest of explorers.

8. Spring Bloom Bedding by Mi Zone Kids
Pink, pink and more pink! This spring bloom bedding will tickle you pink!

9. Josh Bedding by Mi Zone Kids
For something a little different, try this camo-themed bed set.

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