There’s nothing quite like the joy of watching your closest friends and family open up a gift you’ve selected for them. This year give a gift the whole family can enjoy together to keep the holiday magic going long after the holidays are over. 

Here are five gifts that can be enjoyed by everyone from grandma and grandpa to the littlest ones in the bunch.

  1. Popcorn Maker - there’s nothing better than snuggling in for a movie with a fresh bowl of popcorn. The gift of a popcorn maker is one that can be used time and time again and enjoyed by the entire family. For an added bit of fun put together a popcorn bar kit with the popcorn maker so family members can choose toppings and seasonings!

  2. Flannel Sheets - a fun tradition to start with your family is new flannel sheets for the whole gang. With lots of colours and patterns to choose from, this is a great surprise for Christmas Eve. Kiddos can slide into their new warm bedding and drift off to sleep while awaiting Santa.

  3. Games - playing a game together is a tradition many families enjoy. It’s a time to be together, laugh and enjoy each others company amidst the craziness of the holiday season. Choose games that are fun for all ages and can be enjoyed time and time again. Over the years you will gather a collection of games and can even enjoy old favorites once the novelty of the new one has worn off for the night.

  4. Mugs - cocoa is a must around the holidays and a great family gift is mugs with cocoa mix and toppings. Choose a mug that represents each family member or buy a matching set. Then try one of these delicious cocoa recipes!

  5. Ice Cream Machine - ice cream is good year round so why not make it at home with an ice cream machine! Kids will love watching their ice cream and getting to add their own toppings. Set up a sundae bar for added fun.

Explore our Holiday Gift Guide for more wonderful presents for all the loved ones on your list. Happy Holidays!