Family is a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated. Family Day is the perfect time to take some time out of your day and celebrate the ones you love the most. Here are 12 ways to celebrate Family Day on February 20, 2023!

1. Cook as a Family

Creating a meal together is a wonderful way to bond. If your kids are older, you can assign each person a course. If you have younger kids, take this time to teach them how to cook.

 2. Build Something Together

Have the kids been begging for a treehouse, or maybe you want an herb garden? Spend the day building something together!

3. Have a Movie Day/Night

Make some popcorn, grab the blankets and settle in for a day or night filled with all your favourite family movies. See our tips on how to easily make your own home theatre.

 4. Enjoy a Staycation

Relax with the family by taking a staycation. Rent a hotel or an Airbnb in your city, or make your own home feel like a hotel with takeout and a home spa experience.

5. Make a Scrapbook

Make memories that will last a lifetime with a scrapbook. This is the perfect time to get all those photos from your phone onto paper and have some fun doing it.

 6. Go Ice Skating

Spend the day ice-skating with the family, and then enjoy a delicious treat like hot chocolate, ice cream or pizza!

 7. Take a Nature Walk

Get outside and enjoy the day by taking a nature walk. See how many different species of birds or trees you can find throughout your adventure.

 8. Have a Game Night

Break out the board games, card games or even video games and have a lot of family fun with a little competition!

9. Enjoy an Indoor Picnic

Fill your picnic basket with your favourite finger foods (make them or buy them!), lay down a large picnic blanket (move furniture to make room if needed), add comfy cushions, and voilà!

10. Learn About Your Family

Explore your family tree and learn about where you come from and what makes you unique. Making a family tree is an excellent way for the kids to learn about their ancestry, help bond with extended family members and get curious about history.

11. Get crafty!

Grab the scissors and the glue and have a craft day. Use felt and googly eyes to make finger puppets, or jazz up bags, t-shirts or hats with fabric markers and homemade ornaments! Tie-dye, paper crafts and paper-mache can all be fun activities to do with kids.

12. Enjoy the snow

Take out your skis, snowshoes, luge or crazy carpet for a memorable snowy adventure with the family.

Whatever you plan for Family Day 2022, keep in mind that you don’t need to do anything big or fancy. It’s all about spending quality time together as a family!