There’s no better way to spend quality time than to organize a family game night! This provides a great opportunity for your family to work together (or complete against each other!) in their favorite games and activities.

With a little bit of planning, you can turn your family game night into a bonified event that everyone can look forward to. We’ve got a handful of tips on how to make the most of your family time—check them out below!

1) Picking the Games

Let’s start with the most important (and obvious) part of organizing a game night: picking out the games! Don’t just grab whatever you have sitting in the closet, though; take some care that the whole family will enjoy the chosen activities. In fact, it’s a good idea to get everyone involved in setting up the itinerary. To make the night truly exciting, try at least one game you’ve never played before!

Board games are a great place to start, but consider some more active and creative games as well, like charades or “Simon Says.” Starting the night with an active game or two can build excitement, since everyone will be moving their bodies.


2) Whetting the Appetite

To make the ultimate family game night, you’ll want to treat it a bit like a party—which means awesome food and drinks! You’ll want at least one big entrée as well as some finger foods; a homemade pizza doubles as both an entrée and activity the whole family can participate in, with everyone making a custom personal pizza to their tastes.

Making a “popcorn bar” is a great option for a snack the family can munch on as they play. Simply whip up a big batch of popcorn (sweet kettle corn is best) and serve a selection of bite-sized candy and chocolates that everyone can mix into their portion. You’ll note that between the popcorn bar and our pizza idea that these dishes give everyone the option to serve themselves whatever they’d like to make—this makes things more fun!

Don’t forget healthy options, though, like veggies and dip!

3) Setting the Scene

For a cozy space to snack and play, construct a comfy fort with cushions and blankets. Christmas lights strung around the room can make a fun, moody glow—but make sure there’s enough light to read and see the game without eye strain. Finally, consider setting up a fun playlist to add a soundtrack to your game night.

Super Flannel Fleece Blanket

4) Up the Ante

If your children are younger, you might want to make your family game night more exciting by offering prizes for winning games. These can be small trinkets and party favours, but you don’t have to spend money; try upping the ante by offering the winner a day free from chores or an extended curfew for one night.

5) Take a Break

It can be exhausting to play games one after another, so plan for a small intermission or two between games. Take a break to eat a little and stretch your body. You can also plan some non-game activities for intermissions, like sing-and-dance-alongs or a small talent show. The latter is a great option if your children have guests participating who have talents to share.