Pizza – universally recognized and utterly delicious. The ultimate go-to party dish. Ask any pizza lover and they will happily share their affection and specifications about their favourite pizza. Celebrate this food favourite by trying one of these 6 delicious pizza recipes this weekend. Another idea? Set up a pizza station! Display different styled pizzas or let your family and friends get in on the fun by customizing their very own. Set up ingredients for vegetarians, meat lovers, or for simple favourites like classic cheese. Here are some of our favourite pizza making gadgets and mouth-watering recipes:

The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is the first domestic countertop oven to hit 750°F and cook an authentic wood-fired style pizza in 2 minutes!

1) Classic Pepperoni
An all-time favourite. Spicy pepperoni, gooey mozzarella and topped with fresh herbs. Full recipe here.

2) Ratatouille and Sausage Pizza
Taking the classic cheese pizza to a whole new level with ratatouille, sausage, and black olives. Full recipe here.

3) Pulled Pork Pizza
This pizza requires a little bit of prepping, but the end result is worth it. Tender pieces of pork paired with pesto and melted cheese. Full recipe here.

4) Pesto Pizza
This pizza screams fresh! From the pesto to the garden tomatoes, this pie is light and crisp in flavour. Full recipe here.

5) Classic Napoletana
It may not be from Naples, but this recipe sure comes close. So beautiful, light and fresh. Full recipe here.

6) Pizza All'ovo
Eggs on a pizza? Sounds good to us! Get the recipe, here.