Humidifiers offer many benefits to your health and environment, making your home a more comfortable, healthy and enjoyable place throughout the year.

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What Humidifiers Do & Why They're So Important

  1. Add Moisture in Dry Months
    Maintain a healthy level of humidity throughout the year, helping to reduce dust & bacteria.
  2. Relieve Cold, Fly & Hay Fever Symptoms
    Moisture helps relieve dry skin & eyes, coughs and scratchy throat- helping you breathe better and sleep more comfortably.
  3. Reduce Static Electricity
    Beneficial to people, computers, and other home electronics
  4. Maintain Your Home's Interior
    Consistent moisture level protects wood floors, plant life, and even paint & wallpaper.
  5. Increase Freshness
    Adding humidity can increase the freshness in your home, alleviating stale 'indoor air'.
  6. Lower Energy Bills
    Moist air feels warmer than dry air, so you can set your thermostat lower while still feeling warm and comfortable.

What's the Difference Between an Ultrasonic and Cool Mist Humidifier?
Ultrasonic Humidifier
produce fine, lighter mist that quickly disperses humidity into the room. In this model, a transducer vibrates water at ultrasonic speed to break it down, producing pure, refreshing visible cool mist. Ultrasonic models are quiet, refreshing, and low-maintenance. Shop it >

Cool Mist Humidifier gently disperse cool, invisible mist into the air. Dry air is pulled into the system, passing through a saturated wick filter. Moisture is fan-evaporated into the air while sediment, minerals, and other impurities are trapped in the filter. The result is clean, pure, refreshing mist. These safe and effective humidifiers work well in larger rooms, and the cool, refreshing mist is comforting in arid climates. Shop it >