Fall is a time for family & friends. Traditionally, it’s a time when we gather to celebrate the harvest and revel in nature’s bounties together. Because this season is known for frequent gatherings, holidays and events, you’ll want to ensure you’re ready to serve your guests in style and sophistication. That’s why we’ve made this cheat-sheet for the season’s classiest glasses for any drink or occasion.

For Sitting by the Bar

If you’re looking to try a seasonal brew or two with friends and family, consider serving it up with these Tall Boy Set of 4 Glass Cans. With its one-of-a-kind design, reminiscent of a vintage "Tall Boy" beer can, this is one unique way to sip on some suds.

If you fancy a mixed drink, try this set of Moscow Mule barware by Brilliant. Moscow Mules still reign as the trendiest drink there is, and if you want to make some, you better have the right equipment! The copper mugs keep the drink chilled at the optimal temperature to bring about the best taste.

For Sipping Cider or Coffee

Moscow Mules are hip, but what more classic autumnal drink is there than hot apple cider? This set of double-walled coffee cups is perfect for hot cider or coffee. Because the cups are transparent, you can see the rich, beautiful colour of the cider while it’s piping hot.

For something extra cute but still classy, check out the Wrendale mug collection. These mugs are emblazoned with the designs of cute forest friends. The woodland animals are perfect for celebrating the fall.

For Sharing a Bottle of Wine

Wine lovers should treat themselves to the Bohemia glass collection by Intercontinental, which offers sets of 6 glasses in various shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer stemless or fluted, this collection offers a wide variety of glass types, making it a great addition to your kitchen or bar cabinet.

For a really sophisticated look, serve up that bottle of vino with Sensa glassware by Schott Zwiesel. These squarish glasses are striking thanks to their wide bases contrasting with their thin stems—the perfect glassware for making a statement at the next fall feast.

Looking for a decanter to kick things up a notch? This Tavola decanter from Trudeau makes a statement with its sophisticated, striking shape, helping you serve in style.

For Everyday Drinking

Whether drinking cold apple cider, punch or something else, enjoy almost any drink with this set of embossed glassware by Brilliant. The glasses have an excellent texture that looks and feels great. Complete the look with the matching pitcher to aid in serving.

The Bormioli Rocco Galassia collection offers classic glassware for your favourite drinks, or even – why not! – ice cream or frozen yogurt. In fact, you can use the wider glasses for serving ice cream or frozen yogurt instead of just drinks. Serve up the drinks with a cute pineapple-shaped pitcher. Pineapples are a traditional sign of hospitality, making this pitcher a smart choice for opening your home up to loved ones.