The first day of Summer is officially upon us, and with the oncoming heat, it's important to remember to stay hydrated. Did you know you can do that with more than just plain water? We all know the old lemon in the water trick to add a little flavour, but now fruits and herbs are in season and are another great way to spruce up your H2O. The combination of strawberries and basil are  not only refreshing and sweet, but is a huge hit with kids and adults alike! Plus, it looks pretty :)

All you need to do is pick some fresh basil from your garden (or your local grocery store) along with some fresh strawberries. Make sure you remove the stems and cut the strawberries in half - this will make sure as much flavour as possible goes into your water. We used our adorable Stem Gem Strawberry Huller gadget to help save time.

Let the water sit for a few hours (overnight, if you can) so it can be better infused. Have a few extra basil leaves for garnishing, some extra strawberries for snacking, put them on a pretty tray and make sure you use a super handy beverage dispenser to wow your guests and make going back for more super easy - because they will!

To add a little bit of  fun to your refreshing water, try a quick and easy paint-dipped look on your glasses using... BALLOONS! All you have to do is cut the top and bottom and slip it onto the glass. Mix and match colours as you'd like!

Another tip: Try freezing some of the strawberries ahead of time to use instead of ice cubes! They look great and will add even more flavour. The possibilities are endless, so get adventurous and enjoy!