The craze of home organization is on the rise and everyone is inspired to tackle each room of their home from start to finish. A great room to start with is your kitchen, it is one of the most used, holds a variety of items, and storage can look great displayed. Here are some of our favorite items for the areas that could use the most organization.

To make sure you are optimizing your fridge and freezer space as much as possible, invest in some containers that will help keep items together and save space where you can. Going through what you have will also help you notice if items are expired and need to be discarded. Some great choices include:

Stasher Reusable Storage Bags
Fridge Binz Collection by Interdesign
Crisp Small Clear Divider Bin

For food storage you want to utilize and save as much space as possible. Organizing this part of your kitchen will help you see the inventory you have and make meal prepping easier. If you are moving food items out of clear containers, make sure you label them and keep the cooking instructions/nutritional labels. Items we recommend are:

Interdesign Classico Stackable Large Pantry Basket with Label Holder
Linus Fridge & Pantry Bin
Oxo Pop Containers

Since we like to fit as much as possible in our drawers and vertical space especially can be limited, we need to use items to help keep everything in its place. Stacking items in drawers where you can and using dividers or shorter bins will help with this. Products we are currently using are:

Compact Cutlery Organizer
Compact Spice Rack
Interdesign Kitchen Bins Collection

Under the Sink
The space under our kitchen cabinet is usually the place we neglect most when it can hold so many useful items like cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper products, and tools. There will be some sort of obstruction from the pipes you have to work around, but play around with different sized bins and containers to see what works for your space and needs. This is an area where door space can be utilized as well. Some items we find useful are below:

Interdesign Classico Over the Cabinet Basket
Interdesign Towel Bar
Interdesign Kitchen Bins Collection

As we get closer to the Holiday season, organizing spaces in your home will take away from some of the stresses that come with this time of year. It will help you declutter, find a place for everything, and realize how much more room you could have to utilize.