Bathrooms are small and often unruly places: it’s easy to get lost in the clutter in a room that never feels neat and tidy enough. But bathroom organization is a simple task when you have all the right tools. With these handy bathroom organization hacks, you’ll never run out of space again.

1) Drawer dividers aren’t just for the kitchen.
Here’s a brilliant hack: use drawer dividers or utensil trays in bathroom drawers to keep all your makeup, hair styling tools and more organized. Expandable organizers and trays ensure you can regain control over both the biggest and smallest messy drawers. This acrylic organizer is a good fit for any bath, or you can use the Rain Storage Collection to keep everything in its rightful place.

2) Let towel racks do double duty.
Combine towel racks with shelving to conserve space when storing linens and your bathroom essentials. We love this Deluxe Hotel towel rack, which hangs hand towels while providing space for keeping other items in easy reach. This standing towel rack takes up little space by vertically hanging a whole set of towels. Its bottom shelf can be used for keeping a hamper or bath products.

3) Be smart with under-utilized spaces.
A greay way to cleverly free up space is by putting a Bamboo Lazy Susan inside a cabinet. This way you can easily grab whatever’s in the back without having to pull out (or knock over) front-facing items. Finally, cabinet baskets like the Interdesign Classico Over the Cabinet Basket provides more organized space in your cabinet for grouping items in a smart, contained way.

4) Go vertical in the shower.
Caddies can help save space in the shower or at the sink, keeping your essential bathroom supplies organized. The Fineline 4-Tier Caddy lets you keep everything you need: consider hair care at the top, body was just below, bubble bath/spa care below that and loofahs at the bottom. With a handy mirror attachment, you can easily see your face while washing or touching up.

5) Group your cleaning supplies together.
Bathrooms require frequent tidying and touching up, so you should keep your cleaning supplies together for easy access. Linus Cube Binz, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, are a great option for storing and organizing cleaners. Keep surface cleaners in one bin and sponges or rags in another. This way you don’t have to scour cabinets to find the specific cleaning item you need.