How to Set Up an Open Pantry SpaceThere is something so refreshing about an organized kitchen. When a pantry is neat, clean and well stocked, it helps inspire meal ideas or quick healthy snacks. An organized pantry would be easy if everything came in the same size and type of packaging, but thankfully there are tools to help avoid a messy space. It is definitely an organizational art to setting up a pantry or station, especially an open style that can be seen immediately. Here are a few tricks to help keep your space looking fresh and organized.

1. Storage Containers Should Match
Repetitive matching containers will please your storage needs and your visual needs. Containers like the Oxo Pop Canisters are available in multiple sizes, allowing for various products to be stored in matching containers. You can now store your rice, quinoa, pasta and flours while keeping your style consistent.

2. Coordinate Storage
Keeping your storage containers coordinated by material, colour or size will help keep your open pantry flowing well. You can alternate between pops of colour and clear containers, but keep the overall theme consistent. By using the Maxwell & Williams Peek Canister, you can keep the see-through theme consistent for smaller items as well.

3. Consistent Spices & Herbs
Storing your spices and herbs in consistent containers will help bring together the overall look of your open pantry. Spices can be easily managed with a spice rack like the Trudeau Quad Carousel, allowing you to either grab the spice you need or grab the whole rack if you’re making a more complex meal. Keeping your herbs fresh in a Prepara Herb Savor can help bring colour and life to your station, while keeping with the clear theme.

4. Space for Utensils
You could place all of your utensils in a drawer, but then you wouldn’t get to show them off! Having them prominent on your shelving allows them to be easily found and provides an excellent design addition with a pop of bold colours. You can pick out a fun colour like bold red or keep is classically bright white with a Danesco Utensil Holder.

5. Make Everything Accessible
If you’re storing a bunch of bottles on your pantry, then you might want to consider placing a matt underneath them for easy cleaning. Items like oils, vinegars, honey and mustards can add life to the station but make sure to keep them drip-free. If you’re lacking space, try out the Crazy Susan Turntable to help access your favourite flavours.

6. Don’t Forget the Coffee
Your coffee machine makes a great addition to the kitchen, but sometimes those coffee pods can be pesky for storage. Each brand typically has a storage unit available to help keep the pods organized and make sure your coffee is always ready-to-go. If you’re a fan of Nespresso, check out the Café Stack Capsule Holder by YouCopia.

Once you’ve decided on your pantry accessories to keep it looking clean and organized, then make sure to place them in a way that makes sense for you. Often larger items are placed on the bottom, as they are typically heavier. This allows you to put smaller, more frequently used items at eye level. Your herbs, spices and recipe books should be easy to grab. Your toasters and slow cookers can stay out of the way at the lowest level until they are needed. It is also aesthetically pleasing to have smaller, cuter containers in front view. And you definitely want to show off your cute containers!

How to Set Up an Open Pantry Space