The holidays can be a stressful time, and no one feels it more than the holiday host! But in the spirit of sharing, it’s great to open one’s home and gather together the loved ones. If you plan on having friends or family over the holidays, don’t get overwhelmed with the preparations—stick to this simple set of guidelines on how to be the holiday host with the most!

1) Redesign the Entrance
Hang a wreath or other seasonal ornaments on the door and clear out some entryway space for guests to hang their coats and shoes. Consider ways to create an impressive and inviting space as soon as your guests walk up to the door!
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2) Childproof & Pet-Proof (if necessary)
Parenting is tough work, so make your guests' stay easier by proactively childproofing your home before they arrive. Cover electrical outlets, keep chemicals out of reach and scour your home for other potentially dangerous objects so your guests won't have to as soon as they arrive.

You might also want to stock up on cozy items such as blankets, slippers for nap time.
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3) Add Some Atmosphere
Treat your guests by including some aromatherapy in the guest room. Reed infusers and scented candles are an easy way you can add a warm, inviting aroma to the space—and even unscented candles add a nice, moody glow as well. Check out our Lampe Berger collection for an assortment of aromas you may use.
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4) Gather the Linens
Make the beds for guests, using freshly cleaned sheets. While you're at it, provide clean towels and washcloths as well. It's a good idea to have extra blankets handy so your guests can use them if necessary--but keep them in a place they can reach without having to ask (like a closet) so they can grab if needed during the night. You can also go the extra mile with bathrobes & slippers.
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5) Give Them Snacks--and Drinks!
Don't let guests feel like they're stepping on toes when they begin to hunger--have a stash of their favourite snacks that they can take and eat whenever they please! The holiday season is a great time to share homemade goodies like cookies or toffee with loved ones.

Feel free to have cocktail fixin’s handy as well for guests to mix and drink when they please. This is a season for celebrating! Other guests, though, might enjoy being able to brew some early-morning coffee in their room to be ready for opening gifts!
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6) Be Accommodating
How many of us have gone on a trip and forgotten a toiletry or two? Anticipate this happening to your guests, and have extra deodorant, toothbrushes and other personal care products available.

If your guests are particularly hi-tech, have a space where they can charge their devices (and perhaps keep an extra charger on-deck).