Thanksgiving in Canada is October 10, 2022 and it’s time to start planning. Hosting Thanksgiving can be quite the task regardless of if your group is big or small. There’s lots of planning and prep to be done and you want everything to be perfect for your guests. Here’s a complete list of all the essentials you’ll need to host the perfect Thanksgiving. 

Table Decor

There’s nothing better than a Thanksgiving dinner that’s all decked out. Having the perfect tablescape will set the mood and have everyone talking. 

For your Thanksgiving tablescape you will want to start with either a tablecloth or a table runner and placemats. This will keep your table clean and set the base layer for your tablescape.

Next put down your centerpieces, but make sure to leave room for food if serving family style. Flowers, greenery, small pumpkins, candles, faux leaf garlands and other fall themed items make great table decor. 

For the main event, you will need dishes, napkins, cutlery and glassware for your guests. Provide a full sized dinner plate and a salad plate as well as a water glass and wine/beer/cocktail glass if drinks are being served. Don’t forget the placecards if you’ve got a big group and want everyone seated in a certain spot. 

Food & Drinks

Of course the most important part of Thanksgiving is food (and family) so you’ve got to have your menu prepped ahead of time. Check your to-do list the week of and again the night before to ensure you know cooking times, have all your ingredients and have thawed your turkey in time. 

You’ll want to have some drinks and appetizers ready for when guests start to arrive, charcuterie boards, veggie platter, chips and dip and breads with spread are all great foods to nibble on while your guests wait for the main course.

One thing to consider when hosting a large group is having options for those who might be vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, nut free or gluten free. 

When it’s time for dinner, bring out your masterpieces on serveware to set on the table so everyone can enjoy it family style. Make sure you have plenty of serving tools so nobody is sticking their fingers in the food. Once dinner is served, the hard part is over! You’ve successfully mastered the perfect thanksgiving. Sit back and eat some pie, you deserve it.