Creating a holiday tablescape might seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Making a tablescape can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. As long as you have quality pieces and these tips you cannot fail. Here’s 5 essentials for making an amazing holiday tablescape.

1) Linens
Your table linens set the scene for the whole look. Quality linens that coordinate well are the biggest key to having your tablescape look great. Don’t go for matching linens, instead go for coordinating ones in the same colour palette or colour family. 

LC TIP: Make a moodboard for your tablescape before you start to help you pick the colour palette easily.

2) Dinnerware and Flatware
Of course these two things are essential to a table when eating a meal, but the style of both your dinnerware and flatware can really determine how your tablescape looks. Pick pieces that coordinate well together and try to stick to one or two colours for your tableware for a cohesive look. 

LC TIP: You don’t have to stick to plain silver flatware. Dress up your table with gold or black or even a beveled silver for a pop of fun.

3) Get Personal
When creating a tablescape for the holidays it’s nice to bring in personal touches for loved ones. Maybe you break out grandma's vintage serving dish or the crystal glasses you got for your wedding. Make the table feel like home while still being functional.

LC TIP: A great way to personalize things is with handmade place settings and/or menu cards.

4) Height and Texture
One of the best ways to take your tablescape from just okay to spectacular is to play with height. By having varying heights of decor, like candlesticks or vases, and serving dishes, your table will look more intricate and interesting. Additionally having different textures and patterns will create a dynamic look. 

LC TIP: When working with different heights keep in mind you will want guests to be able to see each other so don’t make things too high. With textures we suggest you try layering for more depth.

5) Bring it To Life
One of the best pieces of decor to add to your table is nature. Add pops of greenery, flowers, wood and fruit to make it feel fresh and vibrant

LC TIP: For an ultra fun place setting try putting guests names on a unique item!