Whether you're moving out, moving in, or simply redoing your bedding... there is ONE versatile item that can evolve with you through the years. Our favourite? The white duvet cover from our Hotel Bedding Collection. Not only is it excellent quality but it's a classic piece that easily fits into any room, whatever the style! Seeing as it's one of our most popular bedding collections across all 26 stores, we thought we'd show you how to incorporate it into a bedroom for her, him, and them.

1) The Feminine Way

When you start with white bedding, it's easy to let your personality shine through with the use of colours and accessories. You can either paint your room with a bold shade or keep it neutral like this beautiful taupe colour. Grey and white mix really well together but adding a pop of pink makes this room even more vibrant. The mirrored night stands create an elegant look which is why we suggest using our mirrored trays to achieve a similar feel. Adding a bench at the end of the bed is practical; it’s a great way to hide storage.

Get The Look (all available online & in stores):

1. Set of 2 Glass Lamps with White Lamp Shade
$199.95 ON SALE: $159.96 - Available, here.

2. Lampe Berger London Iridescent
$137.95 - Available, here.

3. Marquis Vase by Waterford Shelton
$59.95 ON SALE: $23.98 - Available, here.

4. Mirrored Vanity Tray
$29.95 ON SALE: $23.96 - Available, here.

5. Edmond Roll Arm Storage Bench
$339.95 ON SALE:  $271.96 - Available, here.

2) The Masculine Way

Men who are living on their own shouldn’t be afraid of white bedding. Along with dark walls and industrial accessories, this item is perfect for a masculine bedroom. The furry throw adds a touch of rustic to the otherwise monochrome room. Instead of a really busy painting, try an empty frame with a quote that inspires you.

Get The Look (all available online & in stores):

6. Faux Fur Throw
$79.95 ON SALE: $31.16 - Available, here.

7. Square Column Vase
$49.95 ON SALE: $27.98 -Available, here.

8. Lampe Berger Milk Black
$59.95 - Available, here.

9. Decor Drift Wood
$19.95 ON SALE: $15.96 - Available, here.

10. Kay Leather Magazine Holder Collection
$99.95 ON SALE: $47.96 - Available, here.

3) Unisex: Perfect For Both

Once you move in with someone, you can totally change up the look of this white bedding. The key to recreating this unisex room is to avoid bright colors. This neutral palette is cozy and comfortable for a peaceful couple environment. The wood wall adds warmth to the decor and offset the fact that the room doesn’t have much natural light. Frames and artworks make this wall the focal point of the room.

Get The Look (all available online & in stores):

11. Salix Framed Painting

$199.95 /each ON SALE: $159.96 - Available, here.

12. Empire Statue Building Décor
$29.95 ON SALE: $23.95 - Available, here.

13. Chiffon cushion
$29.95 ON SALE: $23.96 - Available, here.

14. Milano Throw
$59.95 ON SALE: $47.96 - Available, here.