If you’re a true fashionista, you’re probably obsessed with jewelry and accessories. They can make all the difference to an outfit, right? Well, if you have a quality jewelry collection, you might be finding that it can be hard to keep everything organized. You probably have necklaces that get tangled in piles on your dresser or rings that get lost in the shuffle. So, here are 5 ideas for organizing your precious jewels. All items are available online or at your nearest Linen Chest location.

1. Get a Mirrored Vanity
Mirrored vanities, like this tray, are a great way to display your fancier pieces. Lay out your rings or bracelets, and anyone who enters your room can see your impeccable taste! An item that would go great with this is the Icelet Jewelry Tree. You can easily hang your necklaces on this gorgeous silver piece.

1. Icelet Jewelry Tree - Available, here.
2. Mirrored Vanity Tray - Available, here.

2. Use Ring Holders
Ring holders are a smart way to store your rings so you won’t lose them. The Zoola Ring Holders come in adorable animal shapes (like a bunny, dog, cat, and mouse). Plus, for just $7.95, you can stock up on several to display your rings.

1. Zoola Ring Holders - Available, here.
2. ALL Ring Holders - Available, here.

3. Use Acrylic Organizers or Jewelry Stands/Boxes
Acrylic organizers are perfect for storing smaller pieces of jewelry like charm bracelets or rings. Options like this one are fairly inexpensive and the separate compartments can keep your jewelry from getting tangled or jumbled up. Another fantastic organizer is a jewelry stand, which has both hooks for hanging necklaces and a small drawer for rings. If you want something a little more classic looking, go for the Spindle Storage Box in white or a fancier option with the Jewelry Box in ivory.

1. Jewelry Stand - Available, here.
2. Spindle Storage Box - Available, here.
3. Jewelry Box - Available, here.
4. Acrylic Organizer - Available, here.

4. Use Hanging Organizers
If you don’t have a lot of space in your home or apartment, hanging organizers (like the Little Black Dress) can hang in your closet without taking up room. The clear partitions are helpful so you can see exactly where all of your different pieces are located. The best part is that this organizer is two-sided, so you can hang necklaces and bangles on one side and store rings and smaller items on the other.

1. Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer - Available, here.

5. Use Hooks to Hang Necklaces
If you want to make sure you can store your necklaces without getting them tangled, try hanging them from hooks. They’ll look great on display, and you’ll never have to stress about getting knots out of any chains. Try this adorable woodpecker hook; it’ll give a touch of whimsy to any room, and it’s a great organizing tool!

1. Woodpecker Hook - Available, here.

Organize your jewelry with these items to ensure that you never forget about all the beautiful pieces you have! Which item was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below :)