Buying quality cookware is key to creating a successful kitchen. In order to make the investment worthwhile, appropriately caring for each item is a must. Here, we set the record straight on the DO’s and DON’Ts not everyone is aware of. With this newfound knowledge under your belt, you’ll know exactly how maintain the integrity of your special pieces.

1) Read The Directions
First and foremost, always read the directions before first use. This will help you become more familiar with the unique nature of your cookware and help make a habit, from the get-go, of washing, storing and treating according to experts’ recommendations.

2) Not Everything Goes in The Dishwasher
Don’t make the mistake of putting everything in the dishwasher! Special, more sensitive items, including cast iron (which can get rusty and smelly), wood utensils (which can warp), nonstick pans (which can loose their non-stick quality) and good knives (which can dull quicker) should always be relegated to the sink and washed by hand.

3) Seasoning
While maintaining cast iron cookware isn’t overly complicated, it is noticeably different. And totally worth it because of the benefits (can go from stovetop to oven, is easy to clean, durable and lasts a lifetime). The key to success: proper treatment through a process known as seasoning. This involves coating the item in oil or fat, then baking it to produce a stick-resistant coating. The result: a shiny, smooth skillet that’s ready to work hard for you.

4) Use Mild Detergent + Scouring Pad
To get rid of grime and stubborn stuck-on dirt, use a mild detergent in conjunction with a scouring pad that won’t scratch. We recommend the Fresco Microfiber 2 Pot & Pan Sponge which traps more dust and dirt, is environmentally friendly and can be used wet or dry.

5) Cooking Spray vs Pure Oil
When it comes to nonstick cookware like our GreenPan 3D Ceramique Fry Pan Eggs (Smooth), believe it or not, cooking sprays can do serious damage. That’s because they contain additives like soy lecithin, which builds up and becomes sticky in areas that the heat doesn’t reach. Swap cooking spray with a pure oil (that has a high smoke point), put it in a spray bottle (for even dispersal) and use that instead.

6) Extend the Life
Extend the life of your nonstick items by pre seasoning twice a year or so. This process involves cleaning, drying and then rubbing with a paper towel with oil on it. The additional protection will ensure optimal performance, as coating ultimately wears off with time. Use this trick on our Scanpan CTX Fry Pan Collection and you’ll notice a difference in its effectiveness in no time.

7) Cleaners
Clean and brighten stainless steel and copper the right way with our easy-to-use E-Z Kleen® Stainless Steel & Copper Cleaner. Non-toxic & biodegradable, it’s also great on chrome and glass-top stoves and contains a special anti-tarnish formula that expertly removes stains. If wipes aren’t your thing, opt for this Bar Keepers Friend cleaning and polishing powder, which works wonders on brass, glass, copper and stainless steel.