Valentine’s Day has a habit of creeping up with couples, and can often make people feel obligated to spend more money on their partner than they have to spare. But spending a simple date night at home can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day for many couples. Not only does it ease the stress and pressure of making plans, but it can save you some money too—without sacrificing romance.

This year, avoid making lavish plans, buying big gifts or booking dinner weeks in advance. Instead, try one of these romantic activities. Of course, you can combine whichever activities tickle your fancy to make the most of the night! 

Make Dinner Together
Don’t just share dinner together—make it! Fewer things are more enjoyable than cooking alongside someone you love. Choose a recipe neither of you have made before, then work together to make, taste-test and plate your creation. If neither of you are confident in your cooking ability, make a pizza from scratch. This is a great multi-chef meal because you can each customize a section of the pizza with toppings you prefer.
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Have a Movie Night
Whether it’s a sappy romance or the first movie you watched together, having a movie night is the perfect low-key activity for a date night at home. Be sure to include food—movie theatre-sized candy or a full meal—to make the most of the experience. A good, comfy throw blanket or quilt provides the perfect excuse to cuddle up as the movie progresses.
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Make a Spa Night
Why spend big money on a spa retreat when you can create a relaxing spa experience at home? Fill the bathroom and bedroom with candlelight, surround yourself with aromatherapy and break out the exfoliating scrubs. Play relaxing music and have a nice, hot bath—together or separate. Once you’ve both relaxed, pamper one another with spa treatments, like facials or massages. Add champagne or wine to the mix for added relaxation.
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Do Something Creative
Collaborate to paint a picture. There’s a lot of vulnerability in art making, so painting together can help the both of you become closer in a fun, creative way. And once the painting is complete, you’ll have an everlasting symbol of your love. Frame it and put it somewhere special to commemorate the occasion (even if it isn’t a Picasso-level masterpiece).

Have a Picnic by the Fire
Break out the cushions, pillows and blankets and make a comfy spot on the floor by the fireplace. Set out a nice picnic-style meal complete with a main entrée and several sides, along with champagne to drink. Make s’mores by the fire and wrap yourselves in a blanket for a perfectly tranquil and simple night in.