Make Popcorn At Home

Though popcorn is one of the best parts of going to the movies, it’s often overpriced and overfilled with butter. You can make your own tasty popcorn right in your kitchen with an at-home popcorn maker. Add as much butter and flavouring as your heart desires. With your own popcorn maker, you can select the amount of oil and salt you want to add to your popcorn. 

If you want to go the extra mile for that movie theatre experience, you can also make your own soda at home with one of our Sodastream Sparkling Water Makers.

Comfy Blankets

Though it’s great to have a Friday night destination, there are some aspects of watching movies at home that are much better. Most movie theatres don’t provide us with blankets or personal couches, so an at-home movie theatre may even be preferable. Elevate your at-home experience with super cozy blankets and a ton of soft and comfortable cushions. You may never want to get off the couch!

Blackout Curtains

Of course curtains aren’t just for movie night, but if you want to ensure that your living room is as dark as possible, you can opt for blackout grommet curtain panels curtains. These will help ensure that no additional light gets in. They’re great for all purposes, especially if your home is sun-drenched and you need less light, or if you just want some extra privacy.