Wooden cutting boards are a kitchen staple, they look great, last for ages and are easy to clean. However, they do take a little more maintenance than your regular plastic cutting boards, but it’s well worth it because if you treat them right they will serve you well for a long time. Here’s some simple tips for taking care of your wooden cutting boards. 

Buy a Quality Board
There’s a million styles of wooden cutting boards out there. You want to make sure you are using a quality board like this one made out of bamboo or even this maple butcher block. Quality wooden cutting boards will be smooth to the touch, properly sealed and pretty scratch resistant.

Clean it Properly
When working with a wooden cutting board you do have to be careful that you don’t let it sit or soak in water too long. Water can warp the board making it harder to use. Wash and hand dry your board and set up on its side for best storage.

Use Separate Boards for Meat
Some people will say to avoid using a wooden cutting board for raw meat because the porous surface can trap bacteria. You can use a wooden cutting board for meat if it is cleaned promptly and properly. It is best to use separate boards for meat and vegetables so you know which one needs the deep cleaning.

Treat Your Board Right
Wooden cutting boards will start to dry out from washing and cleaning. You can and should conditional your boards with board oil every few months or as needed. It will keep your board looking great and functioning great no matter how many times you use it.

Think About Your Knives
Wooden cutting boards are great on knives because they don’t dull them as fast as hard plastic boards, that being said your knives can damage your board. Make sure you sharpen your knives often so you get cleaner cuts and avoid hacking into your wooden board.