Now that winter is ending we can finally break out of our wooly blankets and come out of hibernation to see our friends. Spring has sprung up with dinner parties! Reasons to get together with friends are the best reasons so why not host a themed dinner party!

1) Pick the Theme
Of course the first thing you need to do is pick a theme. Decide what you’re in the mood for – a Mexican night? A Greek night? We like the idea of a Moroccan night! The North African flavours and music throughout the night is the perfect setting for the start of spring. Bonus points if you have an outdoor porch to catch the sunset.

2) Pick the Main Recipe
Once you know your theme, of course you need to decide what to eat. We love Moroccan food for its mix of different regional influences. Certain common flavours include saffron, mint, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, cumin and turmeric. One of the many special parts about Moroccan cuisine is the tajine dish. Try out this chicken Tajine from Ricardo Cuisine that incorporates so many of the local spices and of course, raisins!

3) Set the Mood
Set the mood with your decor! Set the table with some warm, rich colours. Pick up some lanterns and candles to bring your table right into the heart of Morocco. Garnishes like olives can add a nice touch to the table too! Don’t forget about some atmospheric music to really get you in the mood. Mix those beautiful notes with the mouth-watering smells of a tajine cooking and you’ll win over all of your friends.

4) Invite All Your Friends
Speaking of inviting friends – you might not want to miss anyone from your list because its going to be a success! Or, on the other hand – invite some smaller groups and you’ll get to use that beautiful tajine over and over again. Make sure they all bring some wine!

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