Relationships are hard, and they become even harder after weeks of isolation. Even though you’re spending all your time together, there is always room to be actively working on relationships - and we have some ideas that might help.

There are things we can do every day to bring about happiness and fortify a relationship, no matter how many anniversaries have passed.

Here are a few simple things that happy couples do every day.

1. Pay Attention
It’s easy to be distracted, especially when you’re now working, socializing and relaxing all online. Make sure to put down the devices and give your significant other your full, undivided attention at least once a day. It is important to make sure they know they’re still a priority in your life. Talk to and really listen to each other.

2. Show Affection
Cuddling, holding hands, rubbing shoulders, etc., are all ways of showing your affection. Giving big hugs or big kisses at the start and end of the day can have positive effects on your relationship. Physical connection helps strengthen the bonds between you and your partner.

3. Express Gratitude
Tell your partner that you appreciate them and the things they do for you and your family. Sometimes using your words is the best way to make someone feel incredibly appreciated. Are there things you’ve been taking for granted like the fact they empty the dishwasher or always make you a morning coffee? It’s time to say “thank you!”

4. Be Kind
Not only should you say kind things to each other, but you can perform small acts of kindness throughout the day. If your partner is stressed, you can offer to relieve them of some chores, or bring them a special treat. It’s about showing you’re thinking about them, even if it is just a small act of kindness. Help each other out when possible.

5. Have Fun and Laugh
There might be some days during this quarantine where it feels impossible to laugh, but there are so many benefits of laughter for yourself and for your partnership. Life is hard right now but cracking jokes, playing pranks, and being silly is good for the heart.

6. Provide Support
Unconditional support is a great way to ensure your partner is happy and feels all the love you’re sending their way. During this moment in time, your partner might need a little more support and finding ways to show them every day can make a huge impact.

7. Really Spend Time Together
It’s easy to feel like you’re spending all day together when really you’re doing separate things and not spending any time connecting. Even though you’re always physically together, make sure to spend some real time hanging out together. This goes for quarantine and non-quarantine situations. Find something to do as a couple and enjoy the time spent not rushing through the day.

Need suggestions on what to do together? We have a few!

These are all little things you can do every day that will go a long way in creating positive moments and bringing the two of you closer together. Instead of feeling stuck at home together, work on bringing joy into both your lives every day.