Whether you’re alone in your house or your home could be the setting of a prime time sitcom, it’s good to carve out some cozy, personal space.

A nook - often used as a reading nook - is a place where you can sit, relax and take a breath. It’s a little slice of your house that is dedicated to your needs and your style.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by staying inside all the time, a personal nook can be a little escape. A change of pace, a moment of privacy, and a chance to hide away from the world.

Here are 6 tips on how to create your own personal nook:

1. Find a Space
It might be a tight squeeze, but there is bound to be a small square-footage of space hidden somewhere in your house that you can use. It can be an empty corner of your bedroom, some extra space in a hallway, hidden behind the basement storage, or even under the stairs à la Mr. Potter. A nook is a small space that offers seclusion - a space you can fill up with your personality and preferences.

2. Create a Divide
If your dedicated space feels a bit too out-in-the-open, you can create a divider. Use a bookshelf to create a fake wall (and store all your best books), hang a large tapestry, use a bed canopy, or grow a wall of plants. Get creative! It is scientifically proven that plants help lift our mood, so it could be an interesting and joyful way of creating a physical separation for your nook and the rest of the room. Having a divider will also help other family members respect the space as your own.

3. Choose the Right Chair
The chair is the most essential part of creating your personal nook and it is completely up to your comfort and style. Options include a rocking chair, a lounge chair, an ottoman (or pouf), a relaxed recliner or massage chair or lastly a more formal armchair. You don’t even need to have a chair if you prefer to surround yourself with cushions and throws and sprawl out on the floor. Adapt the space to your desired comfort.

4. Use Soft Materials
No matter what kind of chair (or non-chair) you choose, you should aim to use soft materials for additional comfort. Think of the pillows and blankets you can add to your personal space. A personal nook is all about being cozy, and there is nothing cozier than a bunch of soft layers in beautiful textures and colours.

5. Decorate the Walls
It’s time to make this nook the most peaceful and cheerful place in your home, so surround yourself with items you absolutely love. Decorate the walls with old pictures, new artwork, vintage finds, heirlooms, notes from friends, and more! Give your space some character.

6. Don’t Forget the Lighting
Ideally, natural light will fill up your little nook area. Realistically, you’re going to need to add some lighting. You should have a combination of ambient lighting and more focused lighting if you’re planning on reading or crafting. A good lamp goes a long way to make your nook the best place ever - one you’ll return to over and over again.

The most important part of creating your personal nook is making it exactly how you like it. Fill up this space with things you love, items that inspire you, and elements that feel calming.

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