Getting organized shouldn’t have to be a chore, but let’s face it, when desktops become cluttered, magazines stack up and closets become an eyesore, it can be a little overwhelming even knowing where to start. We know the feeling, which is why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite, and not to mention stylish, organizational finds. Not only will these items help you tidy things up, they might even make it fun, so here are a few tips to get you started:

1.     Divide and Conquer – Start by making a list of the areas that need the most attention (i.e. closet, office, kitchen, etc.) and decide what’s not working with the space. From there, determine what supplies you need to get things in order and create a plan. For example, maybe your shoes are overtaking your closet and you need a new storage solution. (Or maybe that’s only us?)

2.     Keep, Toss or Donate – Once you have a plan in place, determine which items you can keep, toss or donate. Our general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used or seen an item for over a year, and it’s not a valuable or keepsake, then you can probably live without it!

3.     Maintain Order – To keep things from returning to their former disorderly state, it is important to dedicate a little time each day, or week, to help maintain your newly organized space.

Stay Organized

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