Valentine's Day is around the corner! Get crafty and surprise your loved ones with something special :) Here are some of our favourite ideas: 

1) Felt Fortune Cookies (via Martha Stewart
Write your own personalized message in each ‘cookie’ and add a few chocolate kisses! Felt Fortune Cookies
2) XO Door Hanger (via Lauren Conrad)
A fun and easy way to add a little love to your space.
XO Door Hanger
3) Love You With All My... (via Lauren Conrad)
A sweet and simple way to spread the love!
With All My Heart
4) XO Stamped Napkin (via Martha Stewart
Create a homemade stamp using any wine cork.
XO Cork Stamp
5) XO Paint Gift Wrap (via Sugar & Cloth)
Grab some blank wrapping paper and paint on some X's and O's.
6) Heart Cut Up Gift Wrapping (via The House That Lars Built)
A creative (and easy) way to spruce up your wrapping paper.
Wrapping Paper
7) XO Marquee Sign (via Kirsti Murphy)
Light up the room! How adorable?
Which is your favourite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below :)