Plants and flowers make a home feel brighter and more alive, especially in the Springtime. But if you’re the type of person who either can’t keep plants alive, doesn’t have time for plants, or can’t have plants because of the danger to your pets, then why not try faux plants and flowers?

Faux plants and flowers are a great way to decorate your home and they never die, so you can keep it looking fresh all year long. Here are a few tips on the best ways to decorate with faux plants and also how to make them look almost real.

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Pick the Right Ones
Be selective about which plants and flowers you choose. Some look better than others when it comes to colour, shape, size, and placement. 

Swap Out the Pot
Many faux plants come in plain containers that expose the seam between the stems and whatever false dirt they are in. Because of this, it can often be easy to tell if a plant is fake. Try adding a pot, basket, or container that is a little larger than the existing one to cover that seam and make it look a little more realistic. 

For flowers, opt for a vase that is not clear. The stems of flowers often do not look real and the lack of water will be a dead giveaway your flowers aren’t fresh. 

Keep Them Clean
Faux plants collect dust pretty easily. This can make them look quite lacklustre and messy. Dust your faux plants regularly and swap out faux flowers if they get faded by the sun. It’s also important to dust inside your pots and vases. 

Get Creative 
The best way to make your faux plants and flowers look real, natural, and fresh is to be creative with them. Mix and match small faux plants to make a faux succulent garden. Hang faux plants from hanging planters or on high shelves. You don’t need to worry about watering them like real plants so you can put them wherever you like.

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