Nothing brightens up the home like green plants, but if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t have a green thumb, keeping a plant alive can be challenging. Here are 5 tips for keeping plants alive and thriving in your home, no matter your track record.

Pick the right plant
One of the biggest reasons plants die is because they aren’t suited to their environment. Every plant has certain needs that help it thrive, such as the amount of light, the type of light, and the temperature.

Select plants that match your home’s natural environment. If a room doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight or is kept at a cooler temperature, make sure this will not affect your plant’s well-being. Also be mindful of the time and effort required to care for the plant; some are high maintenance and require lots of attention. If you’re a beginner or have a history of struggling with keeping plants alive, start with plants that are low maintenance and fit your lifestyle.

Keep a watering schedule
All plants are different when it comes to their water needs. Some plants need water every few days and some plants thrive on being watered only every few weeks. Do some research to find out the best schedule for your plants and then stick to it. Keeping a note in your planner, phone, or calendar about when each plant should be watered will help you stay on track and will help you adjust the schedule if you notice an issue with your plant. 

Give it adequate space and soil
Depending on the plant you buy, it might need more room than its current pot is giving it. Be sure to do research on your plant and find out how much space and soil it needs to grow. Some plants can thrive in smaller pots but just won’t get any bigger. Some plants need to spread out and will start to die if they are in too small of a space. Another important thing to consider is drainage; plants can rot if too much water sits in their pot. You can add a layer of small rocks between the soil and the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. Be mindful of this when picking a pretty planter or pot!

Leave it alone
Most first-time plant owners are actually over watering or over maintaining their plants. Sometimes the best thing to do is just leave it alone. If your plant is in the correct light, a good pot, and is on a good watering schedule it might just need time to adjust to your home’s environment. It’s okay to check on your plant often to see if there are dead leaves or any issues but it’s best to avoid overwatering your plant. Stick to your watering schedule!

Still not sure you can keep up with a live plant? That’s okay! You can use artificial plants and flowers to add a pop of colour and freshness to your home decor without any effort.