You’ve probably heard of a spiralizer and you might even own one already. It’s a handy kitchen gadget, but most of us only use it for one or two things, when in reality the options are endless!

Here are 6 uses for a spiralizer that you might not have known about. Who knows, you might find one of your favourites on this list, or get inspired to try something new.

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Probably the most popular use for the spiralizer is zoodles. In case you haven’t heard of them they are zucchini noodles, a healthy alternative to pasta. They go great in soups, stir frys, and with the sauce just like spaghetti.

Curly Fries
If you like making homemade fries, it’s time to try homemade curly fries! Just use your spiralizer on your potato, top with a little oil and some seasonings, and then bake, fry, or air fry until crisp. Works great with sweet potato fries too!

Onion Slices
Sick of spending twenty minutes thinly slicing onions for your recipes? Try putting your onion through the spiralizer for quick, easy, and uniform slices without all the hassle and all the tears.

Sliced Pepper
Just like with onion, it can be a hassle to get nice thin bell pepper slices. Stick the pepper in the spiralizer and you’ll have the perfect slices in no time. Great for salads and pizzas!

Squash and Eggplants
Get thinly sliced squash and eggplants when you use the spiralizer. Perfect for adding to a veggie lasagna or a stir fry. You will get nice thin slices that cook evenly every single time.

Making some coleslaw means lots of chopping. Slice up everything you need for your coleslaw from carrots to cabbage in just moments with a spiralizer. It could not be easier.

Sliced Fruits
Spiralizers aren’t just for vegetables. They can be used on fruits as well. Spiralized fruits like apples and pears are perfect for adding to a crisp, cobbler, pie, or parfait.