Kitchen HerbsGrowing your own herbs and small plants can be extremely rewarding. Whether you have a large space to grow, or have limited space and need to get inventive, you too can grow a mini garden. Having small herb savours or small planters can grow you enough herbs to use in your cooking. Once your herbs have grown, having a pair of herb scissors and mini chopping gadgets will help you prepare the herbs for immediate use or portion them into small bits for seasoning. If you choose to preserve your herbs, store them in the warmest part of the fridge, usually the top shelf. For TRIPLE the shelf life, use our Prepara Herb Savour. Perfect for parsley, chives, water cress, even asparagus, this fits perfectly inside the fridge and will keep your herbs fresh for up to 3 weeks! Don’t forget to keep a mortar and pestle for when you mix your herbs with other ingredients while cooking.

If you lack a green thumb, you can always try growing a small herb (or keep a faux herb) in a potted USB charging device. It’ll give your space a relaxing, green vibe with minimal upkeep and maximum practicality.

Kitchen Herbs
1. Herb Scissors (On the blog, Why You'll Love Herb Scissors)
2. Table Garden Herb 4-Port USB
3. Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver
4. Danesco Cole Mason Herb or Spice Jar
5. Kenwood Mini Chopper Mill
6. Fresh Herb Mill Light Green
7. Small Granite Mortar and Pestle
8. Prepara Herb Saver
9. Metal Planter Set of 4