Tech gadgets, kitchen gadgets, office gadgets, you name it there's a fun gadget out there for it. Lately there have been a ton of super fun new gadgets coming out. We’ve gathered a list of some of our new favorites that we think you should try out!

  1. Portable Blender - this ultra convenient portable blender is perfect for home, the office, the gym or anywhere on the go. Use it to mix protein powders or make yummy nutritious smoothies.

  2. Ultimate Fuzz Remover - there’s nothing more annoying than finding bits of fuzz and lint on your clothes and linens. This handy fuzz remover swipes them off in a pinch leaving fabrics smooth and looking brand new.

  3. Veggie Ricer - quickly turn your favorite veggies into rice! That’s right rice! Veggie rice is a great low carb alternative to regular rice and now you can make it right in your own home.

  4. Mini Wireless Speaker - listen to music and podcasts wherever you go with this convenient and portable mini wireless speaker. Perfect for your home office, bathroom or workout room.

  5. S2 Sterilizing Box - keep your essentials clean and sanitized with this disinfecting box. Clean everything from keys to phones and wallets.
    LC Tip: Want even more sterilizing power? Check out the X5 Sterilizing Wand.

  6. E-Z Latte Turbo Frother - love frothed milk in your coffee? Look no further than this frother wand! Whip up your favorite milks into frothy goodness in just moments without ever leaving the house.

  7. Bag Sealer - reaching for your favorite chips only to find they have gone stale is the worst. Keep items fresher longer with this quick and easy bag sealer.

There’s nothing better than new gadgets and at Linen Chest there’s a gadget for every part of the home.