With a new year comes a new set of home decor trends. According to home decor experts not much will change in 2021 but we will see some new trends and some existing trends will stay just as hot as ever. Here is our take on a few of 2021’s biggest interior design trends.

Trend: Layering
As we all spend more time at home these days many people are looking to make their home more comfortable, inviting and cozy. Layers help create a cozy look while still being functional. 

We will see a lot of layering in things like rugs and throw blankets. Another way you can bring the layering trend into your home is through layered decor on a mantel or bookshelf. Not only does it bring depth to the space but it allows you to feature more of your favorite pieces.

Trend: Light Wood
The popularity of wood accents have come and gone time and time again. In the 1970’s we saw wood paneling in homes and in recent years darker wood has been mixed with metal for a more modern industrial look. 

As wood makes a come back in a lighter shade this time play it safe with small accent pieces. Things like clocks, wood framed mirrors, small shelves, kitchen accents and side tables are a great way to bring light wood into your home without committing to the trend too much.

Trend: Natural
While the early 2010’s brought us metallics, glass and chrome the 2020’s are looking softer, more natural and a little more down to earth. Elements like jute, leather, cement and ceramic that look “of the earth” are popping up in homes around the world. 

Add this natural look throughout your home with items like a jute rug, a live edge serving board, a cement planter and lots and lots of plants. Natural elements are great because they pair well with most design styles.

As trends come and go it’s important to find your style and know what works well with it. Trending pieces keep your home looking fresh, modern and stylish, but not every trend will work for your space. Try one or try them all but make sure your style feels true to you!