If you plan on improving your quality of sleep and be more intentional about your sleep schedule, we have the solution for you! It’s time to revamp your sleep routine and make way for a better and more restful sleep. 

Make your bedroom a haven 
If your bedroom isn’t conducive to sleep, chances are you will be tossing and turning at night and won’t be getting your full eight hours. Upgrade your bed with a supportive mattress, soft sheets, a cozy duvet and a pillow that gives you proper neck support. It’s important for not only your bed to be comfortable and a place you enjoy going at the end of the day, but also your room itself. Remove distractions like TV and computers and make sure you can get ample darkness to help you get some shut eye.

Prepare your body and your mind for sleep
Let yourself relax before bedtime so your body knows it’s time to sleep. Dim the lights, enjoy some aromatherapy, take a warm shower or a relaxing bath, slip on a comfy robe and some warm slippers and ease into your relaxation. Another great way to wind down for bed is by reading, listening to calming music or meditating. Try to stay off your phone and away from devices for at least an hour before bed.

Set a schedule and stick to it!
One of the most important aspects of getting good sleep is your schedule. Choose a time that you can realistically get to bed each night and set an alarm for the time you want to wake each morning. If you stick to these times consistently (yes, even on the weekends) you will find yourself feeling more rested and have an easier time waking up each day. Things will happen and you may have off days where you get to bed late or sleep in, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Try again the next day and soon your habit will be a part of your routine.

Sleep is something our bodies need to function, but it can also be a peaceful and calming experience at the end of each day. Let yourself build a sleep routine that will have you waking up with the energy you need to take on the day!