Usually, around this time of year, we’re talking more about heading outside and socializing with the onset of warmer weather, melting snow, and longer daylight. However, this year, we’re practicing social distancing so instead, we’re going to focus on staying at home.

With that being said, we thought it would be appropriate to give some tips on how to make your home even cozier. Now that you’re staying at home for more hours of the day, it’s a good time to finish up some home projects, change up your decor, and settle down with a new book.

Here are ten ways to make your home even cozier.

1. Change Your Lighting
Lighting has a huge impact on mood and coziness, so opt for softer lighting. This can mean changing your lightbulbs, changing your lamps or lampshades, or upgrading your curtains.

2. Add Natural Accents
A quick way to make your house feel even cozier is to bring a bit of nature inside. Choose wood-based decorations and accents, or add a few houseplants. Growing some indoor herbs can add to the ambiance and be super delicious.

3. Display Your Blankets
Find a good way to display your throw blankets so you can always pick the one that suits your mood. They also make great decorations to warm up the room. We're loving this new Yula Storage Basket.

4. Fill Your House with Music
Don’t sit in silence all day! Wireless speakers can play your favourite music in all of your rooms to give your coziness an extra dimension.

5. Change Your Pillow Cases
Welcome spring into your home with new throw pillows or pillowcases. This simple tip goes a long way in changing the ambience of your home.

6. Create a Nook
Is there anything cozier than your own personal nook? Create a space that is just yours, whether it’s to read a book, finish a puzzle, or to learn to knit.

7. Diffuse Delicious Scents
Aromas are so intertwined with moods and memories that diffusing a soothing scent can add exponentially to the level of coziness in your home.

8. Add Textiles
If there are areas in your house that could use some personality, you can easily add textiles like rugs, tablecloths, and tapestries.

9. Decorate with Books
Give your home the same cozy vibe as an old bookstore and put all of your books on display. You might come across an old favourite book while you’re at it!

10. Update Your Artwork
You can spend time searching for new artwork or you can simply change your artwork around the house. You can change rooms, change how they’re hanging on the wall, or even just paint the frames differently.

Most importantly, the best way to be cozy is to enjoy your time at home with your partner, your kids, and your pets!