When the bride walks down the aisle, she lights up the room. Add the natural glow of excitement from family and friends and it can be easy to overlook lighting in the wedding planning process. Most venues come with basic lighting, so adding anything more might seem excessive. If you are considering lighting options for your wedding take a moment to think about the warm glow of candles, a gorgeous statement chandelier, outdoor string lights or elegant coloured up lighting, and your guests—and photographer—will thank you.

1) Visit Your Venue In The Evening
Good lighting can work wonders. Not only does lighting add ambience to a room, it can also help illuminate other people so they look their best. Make sure to visit your venue beforehand—and in the evening when it is dark--to assess the lighting included and see if you need to add a little something. Outdoor lighting also makes it easier for guests to walk around at nighttime and indoor lighting gives a cozier feel to a room.

2) Think About Your Budget
Depending on what type of wedding you want, there may be specific types of lighting that work best. Of course there are a range of price options for lighting too. String lights, candles and lanterns are all options that will add a beautiful glow to a room without breaking the budget. Chandeliers, colour washed wall lighting, marquee lights or crystal accents may fit a higher budget.

3) Consider Some DIY Touches
Just like Christmas lights give out that holiday warmth, wedding lighting can add colour, romance and something special to venue. Consider adding a few do it yourself touches or hire a professional to help you set the scene. Instead of recycling the candleholders and lanterns after the wedding, keeping them to use in your home will make date nights even more special. You could also put lighting items on your Linen Chest Wedding Registry, so you could recreate that magical wedding feeling. Here are a few items to get you started:

Votive Holder Votive Holder

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Antique Bronze Elm Leaf Tealight Holder Antique Bronze Elm Leaf Tealight Holder

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