The temperature is getting colder and cooler nights mean sheets that are better suited for the cold seasons. In order to stay warm in a cozy bed, we turn to flannel and sherpa bedding. These two materials are among the most popular at this time of year. We break down the basics on these two winter night favorites and why you should adopt them!


What is flannel?

Flannel is made entirely from natural fibers. The fibers are spun and then scraped, giving them a fluffy look. The best flannel sheets are light, warm and soft.

Why choose flannel sheets?

We love them for their velvety texture, the warmth they give us on cold winter nights as well as their wide range of patterns that match any decor. No more chills under the covers!

Why choose Linen Chest flannel sheets?

As experts in bedding, Linen Chest offers a wide selection of quality sheets. Linen Chest flannel sheets are made of 100% cotton. This means that you get the benefits of natural fiber sheets, plus they are light, warm and soft.

Does flannel shrink in the wash?

Most natural fiber fabrics tend to shrink in the wash. However, Linen Chest's flannel sheets have been sanforized, which means that they have been treated to ensure that the fibers remain stable and that the sheets shrink only minimally in the wash. Your flannel sheets will stay the perfect size over time, and you'll love them just as much as the first day, year after year.


What is sherpa fabric?

Also known as wool fabric, sherpa bedding is made of two sides with distinct textures. One side is a soft material with a fleecy look. On the other, a beautiful smooth knit with a plain or patterned finish. Choose from our selection of ultra-soft Sherpa comforters.

Why choose sherpa?

What could be better than snuggling up in a warm, thick, soft blanket on a cold winter's night? Sherpa bedding will become your favorite companion to keep you cozy while reading a book or to sit in front of a crackling fire. In your bed, layer a sherpa comforter over your flannel sheets for additional comfort and softness.

Sleep in the best comfort

Whether it's time to renew your comforter or find seasonally appropriate sheets, find everything you need for the new season at Linen Chest. Browse the best selection of bedding in Canada and sleep soundly!